Why /bin/head and /usr/bin/tail?

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Sep 20 19:06:27 PDT 2004

Reading the ChangeLog notes from the latest hotplug package (released 
today) I see that some of Alexander's changes got merged (which is 
good), but that there is a note about some LFS brokenness.

Specifically, when we install coreutils in chapter 6 we move head to 
/bin, but leave tail in /usr/bin. This is completely illogical; if boot 
scripts are likely to need one, they're just as likely to need the other.

We move these files to a non-default location (coreutils installs them 
into /usr/bin) and have the statement that we are moving them "to their 
proper locations", but we have no reference to what document is defining 
"proper" in this context. I can't believe that POSIX, FHS or SUSv3 would 
mandate head being in /bin but not tail...

Does anyone know a specific reason it's being done this way?

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