Chapter 6 - Readjusting toolchain

Larry Lawrence larry at
Tue Sep 21 13:44:38 PDT 2004

"Matthew Burgess" <matthew at> wrote in message
news:20040921183632.799f13ee.matthew at
> On Tue, 21 Sep 2004 12:07:37 -0500
> "Larry Lawrence" <larry at> wrote:
> > I am going to again ask for some expansion here. You are in the chroot
> > environment, so there isn't a binutils-build directory. (solution -
> > open another virtual terminal)
> I don't understand where yours is then.
> says to create $LFS/sources.  As we chroot into $LFS, then that
> binutils-build directory should now be available at
> $LFS/sources/binutils-build.

Got me here.  This was a change I never incorporated in my builds.

> > I have two builds from these instructions and thought I had done it
> > correctly, but in both cases, binutils linked to /tools.
> Did you follow the advice at
> then?  The bit in the "Caution" box in big red writing? :)  This should
> have alerted you to a problem early enough so as to correct it before
> too much time was lost.
> Hope this helps,
> Matt.

Cannot remember.  How is this going to catch the 'ld' file linked to the
wrong directory, looks like it will only catch the specs file.  The 'ld'
shows up when you delete the "tools" directory.


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