question re: host system requirements

Nathanael Noblet nathanael at
Fri Sep 24 10:06:01 PDT 2004

	I was going through the testing & unstable branch of the LFS book and 
noticed that the host system requirement was a kernel 2.6 compiled with 
gcc >= 3.x. I'm a little curious. The two reasons given for those 
requirements were a kernel not compiled with the proper gcc version 
would fail the NPTL tests. The kernel version for udev. So here's my 
question. I have a RHEL clone host system. It runs 2.4.x and I'm pretty 
sure the NPTL was backported. It was compiled with gcc 3.2.x. So I 
don't think it would fail those tests... (I think). So does anyone 
think it would?

	As well if I'm installing a 2.6 kernel with LFS should udev then work 
upon reboot? Is that incorrect?
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