r4211 - branches/testing/BOOK/chapter06

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Sep 25 13:26:55 PDT 2004

In LFS-BOOK, manuel at linuxfromscratch.org wrote:
> Author: manuel
> Date: 2004-09-25 13:57:44 -0600 (Sat, 25 Sep 2004)
> New Revision: 4211
> Modified:
>    branches/testing/BOOK/chapter06/glibc.xml
>    branches/testing/BOOK/chapter06/iana-etc.xml
>    branches/testing/BOOK/chapter06/iproute2.xml
> Log:
> Tags & typos corrections.

Some comments on this commit. Please takes these as opinions only,
and simply something to think about. I do not profess to say what
is right or wrong.

> -<seglistitem><seg>protocols and services</seg></seglistitem>
> +<seglistitem><seg>/etc/protocols and /etc/services</seg></seglistitem>

I too thought that these two files should have /etc before them.
Until I thought about it and realized that no place else in the
book is the path specified for the installed programs.

What makes these two files so special?

> -    <primary sortas="a-iproute2">iproute2</primary>
> +    <primary sortas="a-iproute2">Iproute2</primary>

I believe the proper way to identify this package is all lower-case.
At least this is how the developers and every documentation site on
the 'net looks at it. Perhaps it's personal preference, though.

>            common requirement on a base Linux system, remove the dependency on
>            Berkeley DB by applying the patch using the command below.  If 
>            the <command>arpd</command> binary is needed, instructions for
> -          compiling Berkeley DB can be found in the BLFS Book at<ulink
> +          compiling Berkeley DB can be found in the BLFS Book at <ulink
>            url="&blfs-root;view/svn/content/databases.html#db"/>.

Should the production, soon-to-be-stable-version of LFS reflect
a package in the BLFS SVN book? After BLFS-6.0 is released, the
SVN instructions for DB could change to reflect something incompatible
with LFS-6.0. I realize this is a catch-22. Current stable is wrong,
and it could be that SVN will be wrong.

> -          <para><command>ip tunnel</command> allows user to look at the ip
> +          <para><command>ip tunnel</command> allows user to look at the IP
>                  tunnels and their properties, and change them.

This should probably be "allows users ..."


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