Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Sat Sep 25 20:43:30 PDT 2004

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:

>Hmm. Well, the size of the font you should be able to adjust to your
>needs by playing with the fluxbox styles.  

I'm not yet familir with fluxbox.  I'll check out the docs.

>As far as the xterm
>scrollbars, I have no clue.  It wasn't working for me here either.  It
>looks like that's something that fluxbox does.  I'll try to check it out
>when I have more time, but I don't think any changes in that aspect will
>go into the next iso.  If if really is a fluxbox issue, I'm sure it's
>configurable.  Otherwise, you can always edit root's .xinitrc to not use
I changed .xinitrc to twm and get the same xterm behavior :(

My best quess right now is that it must be something about the way Xorg 
build xterm or what libraries are on the CD.

Comparing libs on an older system with the CD (ldd xterm),  the older 
system has libXt which is missing on the CD's `ldd xterm`.  On the CD, 
but missing form the older system is linux-gate.so, libfontconfig, 
libxpat, and libdl.

  -- Bruce

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