Disk Space Requirements

Matthew Burgess matthew at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Sep 27 15:13:25 PDT 2004

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm wondering how the "Required disk space" is calculated in
> Chapter 5. Is it:
> 1) Total space used by the /tools dir and the build dir?
> or
> 2) #1 plus the tarball

I've always assumed it's the latter.  You need the tarball (obviously) 
to build the package from, and we tell folks to create $LFS/sources to 
hold these on.  So, I'd say that the Required Disk Space should be 
calculated by taking the currently used diskspace _before_ downloading 
the tarball.  Then compile the package, but leave the source & build 
directories in place and note the new disk usage figure.  Subtract the 
first figure from the second et voila.  I'm not even sure this is 
completely accurate, as in the pathological case, some package might 
create a 1GB test file.  I think it's Good Enough for now though, unless 
I've made a complete hash of things (again).

This reminds me, I was supposed to get my build scripts to calculate 
required disk space - they already do SBUs.  Oh well, yet another thing 
*still* on the TODO list.

> I'm building a fresh testing environment and I can pass along
> the disk space usage for each package if y'all want me to.

That'd be a great help, thanks.

> It appears the disk space usage hasn't been updated in quite
> a while.

Yeah, it's usually done as a pre-release checklist item, though I'm sure 
it's been longer than the last release since they got an overhaul.

> Disclaimer: This is not an attempt to point out errors in the
> book, rather, it's me trying to be helpful. :-)

Erm, I don't see those 2 as being contradictory - i.e. pointing out 
errors/omissions in the book _is_ being immensely helpful :)

Best regards,


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