Kernel Headers Nitpick

Randy McMurchy randy at
Mon Sep 27 16:15:36 PDT 2004

Matthew Burgess wrote:
> Randy McMurchy wrote:
>> In chapter 5.7, Linux- Headers it says:
>> "Because some packages need to refer to the kernel header files"
>> What's the chance someone could go in and change "some packages"
>> to whichever ones that actually use them (only Glibc, right?)
> The problem with putting specifics in is that we'll invariably miss 
> something.  The only other case I know of is out-of-tree kernel drivers. 
>  I suppose putting currently known cases in parantheses might work, e.g.:
> "Because some packages (e.g. glibc and out-of-tree kernel drivers) need 
> to refer to the kernel header files".
> Having said that, glibc's _need_ for those headers is debatable, as some 
> folks (including a libc-hacker) have successfully built glibc against 
> the sanitized headers.
> You like opening cans of worms today don't you :)

I realize you're just teasing, but I brought it up because,
from a knowledge gaining standpoint, "some packages" leaves a


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