PCMCIA on 6.0 bootcd

Jeremy Utley jeremy at jutley.org
Tue Sep 28 19:52:46 PDT 2004

Andy Neebel wrote:

>Not sure what you want to do about this, but I'm trying to use the
>bootcd on my laptop, which has no onboard network capabilities, so I
>have to use pcmcia-cs usually.  I have learned that the pcmcia modules
>are on the disc, and my sockets are automatically detected and the
>drivers for them loaded, but I am unable to load drivers for my LAN
>card.  I found the driver for it, and it loads, but nothing happens, I
>can't find the eth device for it after it loads.
>I'm guess that this is how the cd is set up, but I think that you
>should either install pcmcia-cs or remove all of the pcmcia drivers
32-bit PCMCIA cards (cardbus cards) should be handled by hotplug.  What 
driver does your NIC use?  Will it detect properly if the card is 
inserted during start up?


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