Minor typo, and a couple other things

Chris Staub chris at beaker67.com
Mon Aug 1 09:44:40 PDT 2005

1. At the end of the "Editors" section, there is a page for "Others 
Editors" - this should be "Other Editors."

2. For most packages it says to "Install [package] by running the 
following commands:" followed by "Now, as the root user:". It would be 
more accurate to say "Build [package] by running the following 
commands:" and "Now, as the root user, install [package]:". Also, for a 
few packages (ispell-3.2.06.epa7 for example, though I'm sure there were 
a few more) it says "Install [package] using the following commands" but 
there is only 1 command.

3. A few package instructions say "Run the following command[s]." - 
ending with a period instead of a colon, which I think would be more 
grammatical correct. I don't even know how important this is, but I 
thought I'd point it out anyway. :)

4. For packages that don't have a testsuite (and this applies to LFS as 
well, which is why I CC'd the lfs-dev list for this message) many times 
the book says "This package does not have a testsuite" but other times 
it doesn't say anything at all. There should be some consistency here.

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