BLFS 6.1-pre1

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Mon Aug 1 13:42:32 PDT 2005

OK, BLFS 6.1-pre1 is on line at:

The tarball is at

The 6.1 patches and bootscripts are in place in the same directory.

There won't be a pdf version of the -pre releases.

I've also copied of all the packages at anduin /BLFS/SVN/ to /BLFS/6.1/.

The problem with SVN trunk has been fixed.

I will update the web site svn and make a general announcement to the
lists in about two hours.  Please check things out if you have time.
Also, please post any problems on bugzilla against version b-6.1-pre1.
(Note: the a-, b-, c-, etc in the BZ versions are to get the versions to
sort properly.)

After that, I will be out of town and unavailable until at least Saturday.

At this time any changes that need to be made to the trunk are OK.

To all editors:  Thanks for a job well done.

  -- Bruce

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