Patch to fix BZ #1597

Tushar Teredesai sukucorp at
Thu Aug 4 11:31:56 PDT 2005

On 8/4/05, Matthew Burgess <matthew at> wrote:
> Incidentally, in Tush's original report he mentioned that "Additionally,
> running make check messes up the built executables".  2 questions
> related to that then:
> 1. What exactly is "messed up" about them? and
> 2. Are they similarly messed up in the most recent pre-release?

By messed up I meant that if you use the normal way of running tests:
   ./configure --prefix=/usr &&
   make &&
   make -k check || true &&
   make install

The make check will run configure again (twice actually) and overwrite
the files that were generated by "./configure --prefix=/usr && make".
Hence the standard way of building the tests is the one that Randy has
attached it the patch (i.e. run make check first, do a distclean and
then run the normal instructions).

Tushar Teredesai
   mailto:tushar at

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