[RFC] Add CrackLib to Chapter 6 LFS

steve crosby steve.crosby at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 21:24:55 PDT 2005

On 8/5/05, Randy McMurchy <LFS-User at mcmurchy.com> wrote:
> Jeremy Huntwork wrote these words on 08/04/05 22:21 CST:

<snip lots of assumptions and reading into comments more than was said>

Here is some suggested text for the cracklib library package

The Cracklib library provides a mechanism to check passwords against a
dictionary, and identify if a particular password is susceptible to
dictionary guessing attacks. The shadow suite installed shortly can
use this library to provide such checks in the "passwd" program. You
can also build the shadow package without this library, although
cracklib does provide a good default password security mechanism.

Alternatives to Cracklib:
Cracklib is only one possible password security checking mechanism.
Others include the <URL>passwdqc</URL> and <URL>npasswd</URL>
packages, and the <URL>Linux_PAM</URL> library. Please refer to the
linked pages for instructions on using these packages.

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Steve Crosby

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