LFS-stable, errata and new packages

Torsten Vollmann Torsten at vollmann-online.de
Mon Aug 8 11:33:47 PDT 2005

Hi Folks.

After successfully building LFS-6.1 from the profiles - thanks a lot for the 
great work you put into both - and then rebuilding everything with the 
information you put on the errata page - thanks again, this is a good idea - 
I can't help thinking something like this would be nice for every package 
update that comes to live between stable releases of LFS.

I think of this because I want to run a stable LFS on my main system but if a 
package is updated and put into LFS-trunk I'm always wondering if it could be 
applied to LFS-stable, too, or if it would mix up the build process because 
the developers have changed something.

So what I mean is: It would be nice to have a page in addition to the 
errata-page stating something like this:

updated package             safe to apply to LFS-stable instructions

foo-x.y.z                                  yes
ba-a.b.c                                    no

I think this would help to have a stable and up to date system if wanted. Also 
I hope this would not mean much extra work since you have to look into the 
changes made to the packages anyway for trunk, right?

This beeing said, I'm releasing this mail for to be torn apart :-)



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