Shadow/CrackLib - A compromise?

Randy McMurchy LFS-User at
Mon Aug 8 13:34:16 PDT 2005

Jim Gifford wrote these words on 08/08/05 15:26 CST:

>      Have your verified that the bug with cracklib that was posted in 
> BLFS from a long time back has been fixed. Here is what I remember of 
> the bug. I know this issue had to deal with PAM but we had some 
> complaints about it not working without PAM, the cause was due to 
> cracklib being a shared library. Just curious.

Yes. This bug has been fixed. And much of it was because apparently
someone from the LFS community sent in bug reports (I thought that
was you!) and the specific words we found that caused the issues
are now in the CrackLib test suite, which is run during the BLFS

To the best of my knowledge, this bug can no longer be reproduced,
with PAM, or without.

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