LFS Bootscripts [SOLVED]

DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Aug 10 07:53:13 PDT 2005

David Fix wrote:
>>Non-Technical explanation:  I actually tested fully (I believe) and it
>>works!!! :-D
> Well that looks better.  ;)  I'm still wondering, though, why: When I have a
> process not running (spamd in this case), and I do a "spamd stop", it still
> says, "[ OK ]".  :D  Shouldn't it say "/usr/bin/spamd is not running." just
> like "spamd status" would?  :)
> 	Dave

Not now.  3.2.x went after partial LSB-2.1.0 compliancy to ease the 
transition.  See below from the spec.

-- DJ Lucas


In the case of init script commands other than "status" (i.e., "start", 
"stop", "restart", "try-restart", "reload", and "force-reload"), the 
init script shall return an exit status of zero if the action described 
by the argument has been successful. Otherwise, the exit status shall be 
non-zero, as defined below. In addition to straightforward success, the 
following situations are also to be considered successful:


       restarting a service (instead of reloading it) with the 
"force-reload" argument

       running "start" on a service already running

       running "stop" on a service already stopped or not running


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