Cross LFS - Pure 64 - Bootloaders [RFC]

Jim Gifford lfs at
Wed Aug 10 14:18:51 PDT 2005

I've been working on our cross-lfs build methods quite a bit lately, but 
have ran into some dead ends when it comes to the bootloaders for all 
the architectures we support. None of them will build properly on a Pure 
64 bit system. The only way I see to get around this is to build some 32 
bit tools and utilize the gcc -m32 for the bootloader builds.

I want the communities input before I make this type of change, or if 
they have some other suggestions.

Changes that would need to be done to Cross-LFS would be the following. 
/lib would be 64 bit and /lib32 would be 32 bit.

x86_64, MIPS
Build 32 bit glibc
Build a multilib gcc

Build 32 bit e2fsprogs libraries
Build 32 bit glibc
Build a multilib gcc

As you probably see from my post about Grub 1.90, the new version of 
Grub build on a 64 Bit system, but utilizing gcc -m32.

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