Cross LFS - Pure 64 - Bootloaders [RFC]

John Miller jamiller1110 at
Wed Aug 10 15:26:09 PDT 2005

Jim Gifford wrote:

> I was having this problem for a while, I've been working with the Silo 
> maintainer for a few weeks now, but there is no way to build a 64 bit 
> silo. Colo for the raq2 MIPS and Grub, also seem to have this problem. 
> I guess a 32 Bit loader is the unwritten law for bootloaders.
I can see your point in that you are trying to support several different 
architectures, and I have only built lilo on an x86_64 system, so I have 
a limited view, but if anyone wants to deviate, lilo builds and boots 
fine on an x86_64 pure 64 bit system.  And I am no expert but I think 
lilo starts in 16 bit and switches to 32 bit so you are probably right 
about limiting bootloaders to 32 bit.  Maybe because it uses so much 
assembly it doesn't need to be tied to glibc, so it builds easily on 32 
or 64 bit systems?

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