Cross LFS - Pure 64 - Bootloaders [RFC] manuel at
Thu Aug 11 09:48:20 PDT 2005

El Miércoles, 10 de Agosto de 2005 23:18, Jim Gifford escribió:
> I've been working on our cross-lfs build methods quite a bit lately, but
> have ran into some dead ends when it comes to the bootloaders for all
> the architectures we support. None of them will build properly on a Pure
> 64 bit system. The only way I see to get around this is to build some 32
> bit tools and utilize the gcc -m32 for the bootloader builds.

LILO could to solve the x86_64 problems, but the issue still will remain on 
the other archs.

Then, at least for consistency, I will prefer an homogeneous solution for all 
archs. If that implies to build some 32 bits tools to can compile the 
bootloaders, go for it. 

But, if possible, try to keep that 32 bits tools separate from the 64 bits 
system (i,e, installing they on /tools/32 or /opt/32).

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