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On 8/15/05, Matthew Burgess <matthew at> wrote:


> work.  The ideal solution would be to figure out a way of getting the
> test/ script to figure out whether it should call
> /usr/bin/test or /bin/test.  However, I'm only going to invest time in
> this if someone can convince me of why we *need* to move 'test' and '['
> to /bin.

Well, now you can decide at your leisure about where you want them.

Attached patch modifies to "find" the binary and replace
the correct path in the rules array. If a required external binary
can't be found, the test program will now abort with an error, except
in the case of "tree", where an ls -laR will be performed instead.

The patch needs a proper LFS header applied and sending upstream
(hint, hint, nudge, nudge). Tested here on udev-067 without issue.

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Steve Crosby
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