Do we need hotplug?

Andrew Benton b3nt at
Mon Aug 15 17:32:25 PDT 2005

Matthew Burgess wrote:
> I don't think all device subsystems are udev-compatible at the moment 
> (the 'input' subsystem rings a bell here).  Additionally, I don't think 
> we handle 'coldplug' events correctly, somewhat ironically, without the 
> 'hotplug' scripts around.  Alexander will no doubt correct me on the 
> above though :)

It was a coldplug event which prompted me to write. Udev has broken kernel firmware loading using the hotplug scripts. The solution is to use udev-067 and compile it with

make udevdir=/dev EXTRAS=extras/firmware &&
make udevdir=/dev EXTRAS=extras/firmware install

and then add this line to udev-config-3.rules
(it is one line, sorry if it gets wrapped)

ACTION="add", SUBSYSTEM="firmware", FIRMWARE="*", PROGRAM="/sbin/firmware_helper %k"

Would it be possible to have those changes added to the book?

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