Changelog Format

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Wed Aug 17 13:50:44 PDT 2005

Richard A Downing wrote:

> I prefer a straight forward chronological list of changes without all
> the sections: Upgraded", "Added" and "Removed".

Proposals generally are better received when they contain rationale (and 
no, "I prefer" doesn't count!) :)

Seriously though, I think it provides a nice clear one-stop-shop 
overview of the major changes to the book for our audience. 
Additionally, with the changes that Archaic and Jim made to the XML, 
it's much easier to keep up to date too.

As I am writing this, Tush's email just came through.  Maybe moving this 
information to a "What's New" page would be useful, leaving the far too 
inquisitive reader to peruse the more detailed changelog if they so 
desire.  As it's all related to changes made to the book though, I 
personally think they should remain together.  Obviously it'd be much 
easier to convince me if you both provided reasons *why* you don't like 
the current format.



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