Remove inetutils from LFS [was Re: GCC-4.0.1]

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Sat Aug 20 14:57:50 PDT 2005

Tushar Teredesai wrote:

> BTW, if there are no plans to remove inetutils, we might was well keep
> the utils such as ftp and telnet that it current installs.

But that was one of the reasons I was proposing we remove it.  'ftp' 
simply doesn't compile out of the box on the gcc4 branch, and the only 
patch we have causes it to segfault when issuing any command to it! 
Upstream applied the patch, then reverted it shortly afterwards when 
they realised it was the wrong fix.  Unfortunately the right fix still 
hasn't materialised (and I'm not qualified to be able to engineer the 
fix myself).


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