Remove inetutils from LFS [was Re: GCC-4.0.1]

David Fix otqzyrn02 at
Sun Aug 21 08:05:44 PDT 2005

> Yep, and I got a similar problem at work not so long ago!  
> the BUS ERROR 
> in that case was caused by free()ing an invalid, 
> I know I'm 
> not too good at C!  I'd imagine it's a similar problem in inetutils. 
> It's just a matter of tracking it down.  I can't remember, 
> but did you 
> manage to get a `gdb' backtrace of it?
> Regardless, I think there may well be some merit in getting 
> iputils to 
> compile on an LFS setup, given Bruce's argument of a better/more 
> complete feature set.  I may be in a position to do that later today, 
> but of course, everyone else is more than welcome to give it a go 
> themselves!

Ok guys...  You've now forced my hand.  ;)  Looks like I've gotta do up a
GCC-4.0.1 build now, just so I can really get myself into some hot water...
:P  Also, I *do* know C and how to debug, so I actually (gasp!) might be
able to lend a hand rather than just supply some stupid little comments here
and there.  :)


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