Remove inetutils from LFS [was Re: GCC-4.0.1]

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Tue Aug 23 12:18:48 PDT 2005

Jim Gifford wrote:
> Matt,
>    Which direction do we want to go in.

At the moment, I'm seriously considering dropping inetutils and 
replacing it with just 'ping' from iputils.  As you outlined, none of 
these packages are maintained (to the degree we require at least), so 
it's really picking the best of a bad bunch.  inetutils' ping doesn't 
work on sparc, I've not looked into netkit-base, so someone else will 
have to comment on that.  We've got iputils' ping working on a recent 
LFS build on at least x86.  If you can confirm that it also works on 
Sparc et al. then I think this would be the most prudent way forward.

I've attached an updated patch, which is smaller than the last one I 
sent, but still results in a clean compile.


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