Datapoint, x86_64-64

Ken Moffat ken at
Wed Aug 24 15:07:16 PDT 2005

  Test results from a pure64 build (gawk was still 3.1.4, although I 
doubt that makes a difference here).  This is just intended as an 
initial marker, for binutils the book expects no errors - maybe we'll 
change that if people confirm these results.  This build was from an 
LFS-6.1 pure64 host.

  Most packages in the new system have no failures showing up in their 
testsuites. Gcc (3.4.4) had 13 unexpected errors (g++ and libstdc++ were 
ok), glibc was fine.

binutils	7 failures in the ld tests, 5 in bootstrap, 2 in cdtest
 		(as before)

findutils	54 unexpected failures, they all seem to be /bin/echo No
 		such file or directory (but, /bin/echo works fine and is
 		linked normally - I've not seen this before)

gettext		Continues to crap out in the rpath tests (6 of 46 fail)
 		and doesn't go on to do the real part of the test suite.
 		This has happened with every version of gettext after
 		0.14.1.  Translations seem to work, e.g. setting LC_ALL
 		to fr_FR or de_DE and running dumpe2fs on an extended

perl		5 failures (new, LFS-6.1-with-errata from i686 was ok)

  das eine Mal als Tragödie, das andere Mal als Farce

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