LFS 6.1, printed german book

Thomas Reitelbach tr at erdfunkstelle.de
Fri Aug 26 09:14:34 PDT 2005

On Friday 26 August 2005 17:56, Bruce Dubbs wrote:

> It rasies the issue of what to do with the income.  Gerard is the
> copyright holder and he has spent a significant amount of personal funds
> on the project. 

This is true. I also have costs regarding lfs (at least for the german 
translation) -> buy/repair serverhardware, internet-bandwith, hosting and 

I definitely want to give something back to the project. But as i cannot 
foresee if there will be any income at all, this would be a very theoretical 
discussion for now...

> You really do need to get his agreement. 

Well, to me it seemed he was not interested in any way :(
But let's see if Gerard answers this time.

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