Sed assumptions

Randy McMurchy randy at
Mon Aug 29 23:39:59 PDT 2005

Matthew Burgess wrote these words on 08/30/05 01:36 CST:

> Whoops, I thought I'd fixed them all already :(  Basically, as Jim said, 
> we can't assume the host can handle '-i'.  Therefore, gcc-pass2 needs to 
> be changed, as do any other occurrences prior to building `sed' in 
> chapter 5.  The '-e' flag can be dropped too, as it's superfluous in 
> most (if not all) cases.

-e is only required if you have more than one 'script' changing
things. If you had two changes, i.e., -e "s/this/that" -e "s/those/them/"
then the -e is required. -e is assumed if there is only one 'script'.


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