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Mon Jan 3 05:11:55 PST 2005

Jeremy Utley escribió en el Viernes, 31 de Diciembre de 2004 15:09:

> There's also 3 patches that have been added to LFS-Unstable - patches
> from upstream for Linux 2.6.10 and vim 6.3 to fix security
> vulnerabilities, and the Util-linux patch for cramfs compilation
> developed by Alexander.  These are also things I'd recommend adding into
> testing.  Also, a minor change to the Shadow installation instructions
> to suppress the installation of the groups binary and man page, courtesy
> of Archaic, as well as use of the --libdir directive to install
> libraries to /lib instead of /usr/lib in the zlib, readline, and shadow
> builds, courtesy of Jim Gifford.

I think that with that packages updates and bug-fixes we could do a 6.1 release
in few weeks, that could be suitable also for BLFS 6.0.

> 1) Ryan Oliver's new cross-build techniques are showing definate
> promise.  Initial development of this will take place in a branch,
> because the changes are very invasive.  Once the changes are complete,
> they will most likely be merged back into Unstable.

7.0 is near :-)
> 2) Jim and Manuel have been working on a prototype of a multi-arch XML
> structure.  Initial testing of this was done with 3 different arch's -
> x86, ppc, and mips, and looks promising.  This is also taking place in a
> branch currently.

This can be merged to testing qickly, if the look is accepted and the PPC/RAQ2
stuff is ready to go. I hope that this can be incuded in 6.1 and have more
archs (maybe x86_64, if someone write it) in a possible 6.2.

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