the /usr/src/linux symlink

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Tue Jan 4 02:09:31 PST 2005

Hey all!

There was recently some discussion on BLFS-Dev regarding the 
/usr/src/linux symlink to the current kernel sources, and how this 
symlink can cause complications for certain programs (cdrecord being the 
most frequent one that comes to mind).

I know the LFS book itself does not mention making this symlink, 
however, in many locations in the docs internal to the kernel, this is 
referenced.  I also know that any package which goes looking for this 
symlink is behaving improperly - the only things that NEED kernel 
sources are 3rd-party kernel modules, and they should be gathering those 
from /lib/modules/{kernel-version}/build.

However, given the frequency that this problem crops up, a note in the 
book might be warranted, explaining the situation and why it's incorrect.

Just looking for comments from the community, as the developer staff is 
of mixed opinions on this.


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