the /usr/src/linux symlink

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Tue Jan 4 10:14:40 PST 2005

Jeremy Utley wrote:

> I know the LFS book itself does not mention making this symlink, 
> however, in many locations in the docs internal to the kernel, this is 
> referenced.  I also know that any package which goes looking for this 
> symlink is behaving improperly - the only things that NEED kernel 
> sources are 3rd-party kernel modules, and they should be gathering those 
> from /lib/modules/{kernel-version}/build.
> However, given the frequency that this problem crops up, a note in the 
> book might be warranted, explaining the situation and why it's incorrect.

<flamewar-fodder>No, no and no.  This is a bug in the kernel 
documentation and any packages that go looking in /usr/src/linux.  It is 
*not* a bug in the book.  Prepare a patch against the kernel sources and 
I'll put it in testing.</flamewar-fodder>

Please take the above as a sick joke :)  Consensus reached and 
maintained by my +1 on adding a note to the book.



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