Formatting of bootscripts

that weasel weasel at
Tue Jan 4 12:10:01 PST 2005

On Tue, 2005-01-04 at 09:51 +0000, Ian Molton wrote:
> Archaic wrote:
> > This email is being sent to determine if the bootscripts should be laid
> > out with spaces instead of tabs so everyone sees the same thing. 
> No no no no, and a thousand times no.
> using spaces is evil.
> if you use tabs, everyone can choose their desired tabstop (remember, 
> not everyone uses 80 char terminals), and some people even prefer to 
> read wrapped lines rather than lower their tabstop.
> -10 here, because at least with tabs, the VIEWER gets the choice.

I have to agree with Ian here.  Spaces are not formatting character, and
thus should not be used for formatting.  Tabs leave control with the
user.  If you really want spaces it would be pretty easy to write a
shell script that converts tabs in the shell scripts to your desired
number of spaces.  If they the scripts where shipped with spaces there
would be no reliable way for others to reverse that process so they
could have tabs.


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