Formatting of bootscripts

Ian Molton spyro at
Tue Jan 4 16:52:04 PST 2005

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Jeremy Utley wrote:
>> the fact that a tab character in a text file is only one byte, while 
>> spaces are multiple bytes.
> Wow, in the days when the smallest hard disk you can buy is 60Gb and 
> block sizes are 4-8K, this really isn't a factor.  Maybe in 1982 when we 
> only had 360K floppies...

they still take longer to parse, although the logical extension of THAT 
argument is that we shoudl move over to precompiled binary initscripts...

I've occasionally wondered if it would be fun to devise a bunch of C 
macros to mimic current initscript behaviour, and a script to compile a 
binary for each runlevel when you change things...

I really must get into one of the hierarchical inits sometime.

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