Proposal: ditch pre-made "console" and "network" scripts

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Wed Jan 5 05:51:18 PST 2005

(This mail is the (probably over-)reaction to some messages to lfs-support,
and to my general feeling that i18n was a failed experiment.)

Currently, on the "console" page, the reader is told to create some
magic /etc/sysconfig/console file with some settings that are impossible to
explain to some English-speaking users. I propose to rework the page in
order to reduce the number of unexplainable magic, in such a way:

1) Remove the existing "console" script.
2) Tell the reader to create his own boot script that sets the keyboard
layout and the screen font, if needed; maybe give a minimal Spanish

# Begin /etc/rc.d/init.d/console
# Description: set keyboard layout and screen font

. /etc/sysconfig/rc
. $rc_functions

case "$1" in
  boot_mesg "Loading keymap and screen font..."
  loadkeys es euro2 &>/dev/null &&
  setfont lat9-16 -u lat1
  echo "Usage: ${0} {start}"
  exit 1
# End /etc/rc.d/init.d/console

This is also a good place to document $rc_functions, boot_mesg and
evaluate_retval in the book.

3) Explicitly tell the reader that the questions like "what should I put
into this script" will not be answered on lfs-support list because the
reader is really supposed to know the answer himself from manual pages,
howtos and his host distro (and if he doesn't, he is not ready for LFS).

Also, some time ago on IRC there were complaints that our network script
infrastructure is overly complex. While I don't share this opinion, I admit
that forcing the reader to write his own network script instead of a
pre-made one is more educational and provides some possibility for the
reader to successfully implement currently unsupported network settings
like ppp-on-boot or bridges.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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