[RFC] using mountpoint for mountkernfs/mountfs

Matthew Burgess matthew at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Jan 5 14:15:03 PST 2005

Nathan Coulson wrote:
> there is a new binary called mountpoint that I would love to use for
> the lfs-bootscripts in mountkernfs.
> I have not yet determined if it requires /proc to be mounted to work,
> but I believe it would be cleaner then checking arbritary files in the
> respected directories.

OK, just to clear up some concerns about using 'mountproc'.  Firstly it, 
like 'pidof', is installed into /bin by default.  As these are the only 
two binaries installed there (everything else goes to /usr/bin or 
/sbin), I'd say it's quite alright to leave it there and make use of it 
in our bootscripts (like we do 'pidof').  I think it's safe to assume 
that the maintainer would have had it install in /usr/bin if it wasn't 
meant or designed to be used in bootscripts.

Now, about the use of /proc.  I've taken a cursory glance at the source 
of src/mountpoint.c, and it would appear to just use stuff from 
sys/stat.h which is a POSIX header.  I don't think POSIX defines /proc 
at all (I *think* it's a Linux only invention), so I think it's again 
safe to assume that anything from stat.h won't utilise it.



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