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Fri Jan 7 16:15:23 PST 2005

Since syslog-ng runs a single conf file, it seems odd that it should be
in a subdir of $sysconfdir. The following sed will remedy that, allowing
the user to specify the *exact* dir it will be it via --sysconfdir=foo.

sed -i 's|/syslog-ng||' configure &&

And now for the config file in the book....

First, it's creates many nearly duplicate files which could be better

Second, it supposes that someone would want a running log on /dev/tty12.

Third, critical message filtering is created, but then the filter isn't
used. I'm assuming this is an oversight.

I haven't used the book's syslog.conf file for many years, so I would
not be the best person to decide how finegrained to filter. However, it
seems things would be more seemless if the same messages went to the
same filenames as they did with sysklogd. (i.e. keep it generic just
like we did for sysklogd). Especially filenames, which may very well be
hardcoded in a script somewhere.


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