Simplifying the LFS Bootscripts

Nathan Coulson conathan at
Sat Jan 8 13:49:22 PST 2005

on lfs-support, some people want to simplify the lfs bootscripts.

some things that have been stated

a) the createfiles code is complex
b) in cleanfs, the code for removing files is overly complex

my own observations
a) the functions file is rather complex and long
b) ipv4-static and ipv4-static-route, adding parameters by checking
functions is not all that clear
c) ifup and ifdown, all the do is run another script.  They have also
got overly complex

things I think we can easly get rid of, to simplify the scripts
a) createfiles could be moved to BLFS
b) ifup and ifdown check for onboot, we could move that check over to
network again, and take out the hotplug check [People report it does
not work as I expect anyway].
c) could simplify ifup and ifdown, if they "only" check for
/etc/sysconfig/ifconfig.eth0/*, and do not check for additional
options for individual scripts

things others have commented on, but I dont know enough about
a) Kevin says that ip up "interface" check in ifup will cause problems
with ppp, and other simular protocols

Please comment on this, as people rarely comment on the state of the bootscripts
Nathan Coulson (conathan)
nathan at linuxfromscratch org
conathan at gmail com

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