Simplifying the LFS Bootscripts

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Sat Jan 8 15:50:31 PST 2005

Nathan Coulson wrote:
> on lfs-support, some people want to simplify the lfs bootscripts.

While I can understand their frustrations to a point, it's like saying 
that they don't understand the C code used by all of the packages we 
install in the book.  There is a difference between being able to 
understand the low-level implementation details of a package, and being 
able to easily customise/configure its behaviour.

IMNSHO we should be aiming for the latter first, so people can get their 
systems running the way they want them to, as easily as possible.  The 
bootscripts themselves, like any other code, should of course be easily 
maintainable.  However, if folks want to alter the *functionality* 
provided by the bootscripts, is it unreasonable for us to expect they 
have a decent level of knowledge of shell scripting before attempting 
such a project?

In order to be able to address folks concerns, we first need to 
understand exactly what it is that they want the bootscripts to do that 
is either a) not obvious how to achieve or b) is not achievable at all. 
  Once we know what functionality it is we have to provide, then all 
that remains is to provide said functionality in the simplest way 
possible, but no simpler (to paraphrase Einstein).

Maybe I've just re-iterated everything that's been said before.  If so I 
apologize.  Basically, though, it comes down to can the bootscripts be 
simplified much/at all without loss of required functionality?



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