Problem with Expect, BOOK-6.1-testing-20050105

Jens Olav Nygaard jens_olav.nygaard at
Sun Jan 9 05:12:26 PST 2005

Hi, I mistakenly posted to the lfs-book list, not realizing this
(lfs-dev) would probably be the correct.

I'm trying to build my LFS from the 6.1-testing-050105-book,
but ran into problems with "5.12. GCC-3.4.2 - Pass 2", more
specifically the test of Expect: expect -c "spawn ls"

This produces "Segmentation fault". All went fine so far,
with these small exceptions:

In order for Expect to build properly, I had to make a link
from the directory above Expect-5.42 (the source) to
tcl849/unix (the source) with the command

   ln -s ../tcl/tcl8.4.9/unix/ ..

first. Note that I used tcl8.4.9 since I could not obtain
8.4.8. (Removed from the web site?)

Patching (with 848-patch) went ok (just got this message:
"Hunk #1 succeeded at 30 with fuzz 1 (offset 5 lines).")
and so did compilation.

Unfortunately, things failed at the

   expect -c "spawn ls"


Any ideas?! Except trying to dig out the proper tcl848,
which I'm now trying to do...


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