Moving libs to /lib

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Sun Jan 9 10:44:59 PST 2005

Jeremy Utley wrote (in "New Years Eve 2004 Status Report"):
 > as well as use of the --libdir directive to install
 > libraries to /lib instead of /usr/lib in the zlib, readline, and
 > shadow builds, courtesy of Jim Gifford.

OK, I'm working on zlib at the moment.  Why do we shift everything to 
/lib and then rm /lib/ and relink it to /usr/lib?  Why not put 
all of zlib's dynamic libraries in /lib and be done with it?  Is there 
something that expects to find /usr/lib/  If so why not just 
create a symlink?  It seems really backwards putting everything in /lib 
and then immediately deleting it!

For those wondering why we're shifting the libs around in the first 
place, the following binaries, which may be feasibly required during 
bootup, require zlib: ping, e2fsk.cramfs, mkfs.cramfs.  As /usr may not 
be mounted when they're required, needs to be in /lib.



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