Moving libs to /lib

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Sun Jan 9 12:04:41 PST 2005

Tushar Teredesai wrote:
> Matthew Burgess wrote:
>> OK, I'm working on zlib at the moment.  Why do we shift everything to 
>> /lib and then rm /lib/ and relink it to /usr/lib?  Why not put 
>> all of zlib's dynamic libraries in /lib and be done with it?  Is there 
>> something that expects to find /usr/lib/  If so why not just 
>> create a symlink?  It seems really backwards putting everything in 
>> /lib and then immediately deleting it!
> As per FHS, /lib only contains the essential libs (and kernel modules) 
> to boot up the system. During bootup is not needed, only 
> is needed. Hence*needs to be moved to /lib. 
> is only needed during compilation and hence not needed in /lib.

Many thanks for this explanation Tushar!  Much appreciated.



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