State of Unstable - 1/9/05

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Mon Jan 10 00:16:52 PST 2005

Hey all!

Another update on unstable coming your way!  Matt was busy today moving 
things into testing, so we've got a lot lower list of differences to 
address this time around.

Package differences:

1) Glibc - still holding on this one for a possible 2.3.4 release 
tarball, which I hope will be coming very soon now.

2) Findutils-4.2.11 - this is a development package, that seems 
relatively stable - the only thing is, it's a little more strict with 
the syntax to find, which caused us some early problems with 
bootscripts, and necessitated a patch to iproute2.  Recommend to stay 
with our current version for a while longer

3) LFS-Bootscripts-3.1.0 - not sure how widely this has been tested - 
it's working fine here, but if others could chime in with their 
experiences with the new scripts, good or bad, this could be a prime 
candidate for migration soon.

4) Linux-libc-headers - Recent release, but with the quality of 
Marisuz's releases so far, could in fact be a prime candidate

Patch differences:

1) bash-3.0-fixes-3.patch - further updates to the bash package from 
upstream.  I think Jim put together a -4 yesterday that brings us 
totally current with the upstream patches for bash - Jim??

2) iproute2-2.6.9_041019-find_update-1.patch - this one goes in hand 
with the newer versions of findutils.

Command differences:

1) Archaic's sed to stop installation of the groups binary and man page 
from shadow - good candidate for inclusion very soon

2) Use of the --libdir parameter for zlib, readline, and shadow to place 
the libraries into /lib instead of letting them be installed into 
/usr/lib and moving them after - I haven't compared these two sets of 
instructions yet, but assuming they do the same thing, I don't see any 
reason they can't move over.

There you have it!


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