Simplifying the LFS Bootscripts

James Robertson jwrober at
Mon Jan 10 07:11:20 PST 2005

Nathan Coulson wrote:

I don't think anything needs to be changed in the scripts.  What i think 
we really need is good doco on the scripts themselves and how everything 
works.  We do a good start in the LFS book today.  We should either beef 
up the readme and point people to it in the book, or beef up the book 
with more content on createfles and the network services piece.  I like 
the way the thing work today because all dynamic information is in 
config files and the scripts utilize that information.  I do not agree 
that users should have to manually edit a script file to change 
something that a config file should be doing.  If a user wants added 
functionality, that is different - edit away.  LFS should educate, not 
hand hold.  If you dumb down the scripts, you are doing a disservice to 
the community.

My $0.02


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