6.1 testing - kernel 2.6.10

Jens Olav Nygaard jens_olav.nygaard at chello.no
Wed Jan 12 20:33:21 PST 2005

Wow... I'm still stuck somewhere between sec. 6 and 7, 'cause I wanted
to compile XFree, but can't get past some strange problems which breaks
compilation, but I had no idea LFS needed to *patch the kernel* at
That's a *real* turnoff...

Don Shuff wrote:
> from the 2.6.10 changelog:
> "Move hotplug_path[] out of kmod.[ch] to kobject_uevent.[ch] where it belongs now."
> therefore the sed one-liner in section 8.3.1 needs to be changed from...


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