Kernel (or video card?) bug and the console page

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Wed Jan 12 20:50:10 PST 2005

(this bug has been discovered by Declan Moriarty, he has a Radeon 7000 video
card. Also reproducible here on Radeon 9200, but not on qemu's virtual
video card. More data points are welcome.)

The bug in linux-2.6.9 and 2.6.10 and maybe earlier is that they don't
account character cell height correctly. To reproduce:

On the first virtual console (a text console, not framebuffer), type:

setfont lat1-08

Then switch to the second console. The cursor is not visible there, and the
cursor height changing commands like echo -e '\033[?Xc' where X is a digit
don't work correctly. Moreover, a strange effect is seen when trying to
restore a sane font by "setfont lat1-16" from the failing console: the
characters are still 8-pixel high, and the bottom of the new font is cut.

I have already notified LKML.

Until that's fixed, I think a note should be placed on the console page in
the book telling the readers to use only 16-pixel high fonts (like lat1-16)
due to this bug.

Alternatively, if you can't support this, you can revert my i18n patch, drop
loadkeys script, and put a note in the beginning that this book works in
USA only and citizens of other countries should not read it.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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