Kernel (or video card?) bug and the console page

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Thu Jan 13 05:13:54 PST 2005

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:

>I have already notified LKML.
It appears this is specific to radeon hardware.  I can't duplicate the 
problem on my laptop using an ATI Mach64 chipset at all.

>Until that's fixed, I think a note should be placed on the console page in
>the book telling the readers to use only 16-pixel high fonts (like lat1-16)
>due to this bug.
>Alternatively, if you can't support this, you can revert my i18n patch, drop
>loadkeys script, and put a note in the beginning that this book works in
>USA only and citizens of other countries should not read it.
This is over-reaction.  It's one of the many cases where you're trying 
to add things that affect a very small subset of users to the book - if 
we started doing that, the book would rapidly expand in size.


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