6.1 testing - kernel 2.6.10

Jens Olav Nygaard jens_olav.nygaard at chello.no
Thu Jan 13 09:58:30 PST 2005

Ian Molton wrote:
> Jens Olav Nygaard wrote:
>> Wow... I'm still stuck somewhere between sec. 6 and 7, 'cause I wanted
>> to compile XFree, but can't get past some strange problems which breaks
>> compilation, but I had no idea LFS needed to *patch the kernel* at
>> all?!?!?!
>> That's a *real* turnoff...
>> Argh.
> WTF?
> you wantr to do a DIY linux build but cant be bothered to invest a 
> moment on the core of the entire system?
> What do you expect?
> Perhaps if you showed some error logs you might get some help.
> (Oh, btw - I've built X on LFS systems without this patch. no issues.)

Calm down. I didn't mean to imply this had anything to do with the
problem I have compiling X. Neither that it's a really, really bad
idea. (But I did seem to hit a nerve with you?!) Only that I had
thought the LFS "distro" would be made dependent on the kernel
rather than the other way around, ie., requiring a patched kernel.

Btw., thanks for the suggestion about the include-file, Jeremy, but
the fix for that didn't help, right now I'm hoping I might find some
clues in http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/archive/13/2004/07/4/210313.

And yes, I don't pretend being anything but naive.

But keep up the good work, I embrace the LFS-idea wholeheartedly!


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