Next generation of LFS LiveCD

Jeremy Huntwork jmhuntwork at
Thu Jan 20 09:55:29 PST 2005

Andy Neebel wrote:
> I'd appriciate it if you could add some better support for laptops.  I
> know that most new laptops have most of their hardware picked up by
> hotplug, but if you have a laptop that uses 16 pcmcia cards, it won't
> detect them.  I think that the only way to get this to work is with
> pcmcia-cs.  I understand that not everyone needs this, but since LFS
> is well suited to older  and newer hardware, it would be nice if the
> livecd could better support it.

Hmm. I thought it was built as a module. I definitely know that 
yenta_socket was built, because that's what I use with my laptop. Pcmcia 
works fine there.  I do plan to incorporate a lot more hardware support 
on the next cd - build as many modules as will compile.

Thanks for the report ;)

Jeremy Huntwork

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