Next generation of LFS LiveCD

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Thu Jan 20 10:58:01 PST 2005

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:

> Hmm. I thought it was built as a module. I definitely know that 
> yenta_socket was built, because that's what I use with my laptop. 
> Pcmcia works fine there.  I do plan to incorporate a lot more hardware 
> support on the next cd - build as many modules as will compile.
> Thanks for the report ;)
> -- 
> Jeremy Huntwork

Jeremy -

Yenta_socket is just the driver for the PCMCIA controller, doesn't do 
anything for handling inserted PCMCIA cards - and hotplug can't detect 
16-bit (non-cardbus) PCMCIA cards - you need the PCMCIA-CS package for 
that.  I can help you out with getting that integrated - I have some 
experience with it in the past.  Probably the best way to handle it is 
allow hotplug to detect and load the PCMCIA controller, which will 
create an entry somewhere in /proc to indicate that it's there - have a 
bootscript late in the boot order that tests whether this is present, 
and if so, run the cardmgr program from the PCMCIA-CS package, which 
will handle detection of non-cardbus cards.


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