Next generation of LFS LiveCD

Jeremy Huntwork jmhuntwork at
Thu Jan 20 11:19:25 PST 2005

Jeremy Utley wrote:
> Jeremy -
> Yenta_socket is just the driver for the PCMCIA controller, doesn't do 
> anything for handling inserted PCMCIA cards - and hotplug can't detect 
> 16-bit (non-cardbus) PCMCIA cards - you need the PCMCIA-CS package for 
> that.  I can help you out with getting that integrated - I have some 
> experience with it in the past.  Probably the best way to handle it is 
> allow hotplug to detect and load the PCMCIA controller, which will 
> create an entry somewhere in /proc to indicate that it's there - have a 
> bootscript late in the boot order that tests whether this is present, 
> and if so, run the cardmgr program from the PCMCIA-CS package, which 
> will handle detection of non-cardbus cards.

Thanks for the cluebat - and yes I'd appreciate any help. :)

Jeremy Huntwork

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