binutils deps

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Mon Jan 24 17:42:14 PST 2005

Bruce Dubbs wrote:

> Um, OK Jeremy.  I believe you, but how does one figure that out from 
> the book?  I looked in section 3.2 and that sends me to freshmeat.  I 
> don't see any indication there that the version is HJL binutils.  I 
> also don't see any indications of the version in sections 5.4 or 6.13 
> (not that I would expect it).
>  -- Bruce
HJL's binutils version numbers use 5 (i.e., while FSF 
binutils is always 2 or 3 parts (2.15.x max).  Also, the link in the 
book points to the freshmeat page for the "Beta Branch" of binutils, 
which is HJL's code - tracking the HEAD of binutils cvs.  The 
differences aren't actually that wide - HJL tracks CVS HEAD closer, and 
has some linux-specific stuff that wouldn't be valid on other platforms.


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